Guest Star – Download MP3 Samples

Here are the two guitar parts, the bass and the vocoder synth part for you to download.

These are royalty free but let us know if you use it – love to hear your versions.

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Guest Star – Sketch For A New Track

Started a sketch for a new track the other day – and here it is.

Most of these sketches start life as learning a new skill or technique – I use a lot and was checking out their tutorial on the EVOC – Logic’s Vocoder plug-in. You could make comparisons to Daft Punk at this stage and you’d be absolutely right – that’s what I’m after. The new album is sonically superb – a real treat for the ears – but I’ve never been able to get the vocals through the EVOC to sound clear and sweet enough.

I tend to start a new Logic file every time I try out a new lesson so my default setting of 120BPM has become a standing joke. Still it’s the disco BPM and that’s good enough for me. I really like some of the sound on the EVOC  - the intro pad sound is the default setting played around with a bit.

I wanted to give it some more width and flavour so I fiddled around until I got a nice sound then bounced two versions, reversed one, then bounced them down again as an audio file. Then I side-chained it with a conga Apple Loop to get that nice choppy key board sound in the left channel. It’s also got a ring modulator on it.

That choppy sound conjured up that Quincy Jones guitar part which was a bastard to get right. I lined up 6 takes of 8 bars each, chopped them up into beat long sections and then assembled the final take. The guitar is pretty clean – my Fender Thinline Telecaster DI-ed. There’s also a choppy chord bit which I think adds a bit of texture.

The bass is a Fender Jazz direct injected again (I use the new version of the Apogee Duet which is a pretty decent interface). Quincy would have probably made it funkier but I only had a couple of hours and wasn’t on drugs.

I think the guitar and bass sound pretty good but I’d love to try some more serious compression on them. To me they sound a little lacking in reality.

My production guru Nick has been showing me about layering kicks and snares and I think the drums here are sounding pretty fat – generally I’ve been taking a clap for that crisp slap sound, a high snare for some fizz and a body sound with a little bit of wood to it. The kicks are likewise spread out – generally a thud at around 80hz, the flavour at around 200Hz and some high end at 2khz for that “real” kick sound.

The vocals were in the moment and I have no idea of how to turn this in to a song but there you go – ideas, comments, suggestions welcome!


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First EP nearly ready…as soon as the website is!

We’re such perfectionists! Not being a web designer I’ve reverted to the old classic – if in doubt use Helvetica and an image from iStock. It’s a complicated world this designer, developer thing. I’ve spent the last two years immersed in Logic, synthesisers and all the rest of it and my poor little brain is exhausted. So if any of you out there dig the tunes and want to offer your services to DF4ULT please get in touch via Twitter @DF4ULT.

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Nu DF4ULT Site

DF4ULT are here.

After two years in production, the first DF4ULT album, provisionally titled M1DN1TE S0UND, fuses dancehall, 80s synth pop, electro and a bit of house. There’s probably other stuff in there too but you can make up your own minds.

Oh, and we’re on Twitter look for @DF4ULT. ♥

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